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An open verandah

Verandahs are a great addition to your home. Verandahs add a great deal of value and can also add to your family’s quality of life. A verandah is a wonderful outdoor living extension that allows you to fully enjoy the outside while still being protected from the elements, noise and neighbourhood pets. There are many types of verandahs with various styles available depending on your preferences


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    What makes us different?

    Patios Toowoomba offers high standards of workmanship, which you can expect from every job we do – both big and small. We use only high-quality products on all our projects due to our reputation in providing excellent results that last the test of time. Our customers continue to come back because they know that it will be the final price when they get a quote from us. We take pride in our work and ensure customer satisfaction is at the top of our list.

    An enclosed verandah

    Different types of verandahs

    Verandahs can be of different types, so there is something for everyone.
    The possibilities are endless with many different factors to consider when it comes to verandah design. You can include features such as sunroofs, outdoor kitchen areas, wet areas and even fireplaces.
    Verandahs can be made from different types of materials, such as glass and aluminium. We tend to use a combination of both, with the glass for areas where we want light and security and the aluminium enclosures for sitting/dining areas.
    We design with your needs in mind; our goal is to make sure that your verandah is functional and provides the space you need for family activities such as dining, entertaining or simply relaxing.

    A verandah with a sitting area

    Why do I need a verandah in my Toowoomba home?

    Verandahs are a great way to spruce up the look of your home. It’s not just Toowoomba homes that can benefit from one but also those in Brisbane and other parts of Australia as well. A verandah will enable you to enjoy the outdoors all year round, even if it is raining. Having an outdoor area that is connected with the indoors allows you to spend more time with your family or friends at any time of day or night.
    Verandahs are also a great space for kids entertainment as they provide an excellent environment for children to play around in when there is rain outside. You would be surprised how much fun your children could have on a very simple verandah.
    Also, verandahs are an important part of the Australian lifestyle, as this will allow people from the olden days to enjoy their time out in nature without being too exposed. Not only that, verandahs can be a great space for entertaining guests or even hosting a simple barbecue with family and friends.

    An open verandah

    Considerations when choosing a veranda style

    One of the things that one should put into consideration is durability and preference. When it comes to the materials for building verandahs, you will find that there are different materials, and each one of them is differently priced. There are some which can easily last for a very long time, like wood, but others would not be able to serve their purpose well at all times.
    You should also look at how much work is involved when choosing a style, as this will determine how much time your contractor takes to build the veranda as the more complex ones take longer time than those that are easy to build.
    Verandahs can be designed to enhance your lifestyle by incorporating outdoor living options into any home. A verandah can become part of the living area of a house by incorporating spaces for entertaining, eating outdoors all year round or simply relaxing out on a warm summers night.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Patios Toowoomba, we ensure that our customers are getting the best quality verandah at an affordable price. You can have your verandah built by our helpful deckers as we have been servicing the local area for many years from our base here in Toowoomba.
    Customer satisfaction is a priority, as it is important for people to enjoy their time on their verandah without feeling stressed out about how they look. We will work closely with you to develop a design that fits your preferences, budget and lifestyle.
    Our deckers are more than happy to meet with you or discuss over the phone what you would like to see on your verandah, whether this is complete privacy or something that incorporates natural light into your home via windows/doors/awnings etc.


      Patios Toowoomba Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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