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Timber decking

A timber deck

Timber decking is one of the most popular systems for any home or business that is looking to complete their entertaining outdoor area. Decking can be installed into many different spaces, including balconies, backyards and pool areas.
There are a few different types of decking available on today’s market, so you should always ensure you do your research before making a purchase. For example, if you have an above-ground pool, you should consider using glass decking so that it isn’t necessary to keep moving the decking boards out of the way just to gain access to your pool.
Most decks are wooden decks as they are simple to install; however, if this doesn’t suit your space, then there are other alternatives available such as glass decking or composite decking.


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    The Benefits of Timber Decking

    Using timber decks has some benefits, such as being affordable and easy to install. Although these types of decks can be used for all sorts of purposes, from hosting a summer barbeque with friends to simply creating a safe outdoor space for your children, there are other benefits to consider.
    One of the most popular reasons people invest in wooden decks is because they offer a beautiful look to any backyard setting. Whether you choose a smooth finish or one that incorporates some type of design, timber decking provides an elegant appearance wherever it is installed.
    Wooden decks also provide excellent drainage compared with many other materials such as concrete and brick paving, so when it comes time to clean up after boisterous party guests, it’s easy.

    A timber deck around a pool

    The different kinds of timber decking

    The timber decks used in outdoor settings should be made from rot-resistant material that can stand up to the elements.
    Redwood is a popular choice because it has an attractive reddish hue. It’s easy to care for and resists insects, fungi, bacteria, salt spray, moisture penetration and other types of damage. It is one of the most weather-resistant woods available, so redwood decks are highly recommended for coastal areas where constant exposure to sea breeze needs strong materials that don’t warp or split over time.
    Redwood is also considered among the safest option when installing decks around pools, since there are no toxic chemicals used in its processing compared with pressure-treated wood, which often contains arsenic and copper.

    wooden deck around a pool

    How to maintain your timber deck

    Maintaining timber decks is another important part of the project. Timber decks need to be cleaned, oiled and stained regularly in order to protect them from damage caused by rain, snow, ice or atmospheric conditions. You should clean your deck periodically with non-toxic cleaning solutions, but you shouldn’t do it when the sun is high in the sky. Cleaning at this time will cause moisture to evaporate quickly, giving way for dust and dirt particles to come back up again. Make sure you clean your deck thoroughly before starting any staining or sealing process so that no stains are left behind by the cleaner used.
    For big-scale cleaning jobs, use a pressure washer since it can remove all kinds of dirt and debris even if it has settled into cracks between boards or surfaces.

    A wooden deck floor

    Common mistakes made when installing timber decks

    Many people fail when they don’t read the instructions well and simply jump in to start working. This is a huge mistake since it can end in a failed project where your entire effort goes down the drain. Look through all instructions from top to bottom and make sure you understand everything perfectly before starting work. You can even try reading your instructions out loud so that you really get an understanding of what needs to be done.
    Not Using The Right Screws And Hardware – Using wrong screws or hardware can lead to problems later on, such as boards slipping around and spaces between them opening up after weeks of use

    Why Choose Us?

    Patios Toowoomba is a renowned company in Toowoomba for providing high-quality decking services. Our services provide a better look for your outdoor spaces and make them functional at the same time without compromising on our standards of workmanship. We are always ready to work on weekends and public holidays too in order to ensure that all your needs are met promptly without you having to wait.

    Our team is highly qualified and experienced in timber deck installations. We are well-known for our efficient service, and we assure you that we will never compromise with the standards of our workmanship. Decking is a crucial part of any building and needs to be done without any flaws and problems later on, such as boards slipping around and spaces between them opening up after weeks of use.

    Our company offers you superior services at affordable rates in order to provide your outdoor living spaces with the best finished look, feel and function.


      Patios Toowoomba Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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