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What is a pergola?

A pergola attached to a wall

A pergola is a structure that is built in the garden to give shade and support for vines and plants. They can be freestanding or attached to a home, and they add aesthetic value, privacy and comfort to your outdoor living area.
A Pergola deck is an extension of your indoor living space when you want to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. It provides a high-quality surface that will add comfort for all kinds of activities such as dining, relaxing, reading, or simply soaking up the sun’s rays on a summer’s day. The boards need not be weatherproof, but we can provide advice if required.


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    How much does it cost to build a pergola?

    The cost of installing a pergola in your home will depend on a number of factors. You’ll need to take into consideration the size, design and quality of materials you want, as well as whether or not installation is included in the price. Some companies will charge per linear foot of deck, while others have a flat rate for the entire project.

    An open pergola

    The benefits of having a pergola in your backyard

    Having a pergola in your home is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and increase your living space. Some of the benefits of having a pergola in your backyard are:

    • You can use it as a shelter from the sun or rain
    • It can provide shade for plants and trees
    • It can be used to hang hammocks, swings or other furniture
    • It can act as a windbreak
    • It can be used to grow vines and plants that will give you shade.

    If you are looking for an attractive addition to your backyard that will provide shelter and comfort, then a pergola is the perfect solution. Patios Toowoomba can help you create the perfect pergola for your home.

    A pergola attached to the house

    How to choose the perfect design for your needs

    When you want to install a pergola in your home, you have to first choose the design. There are many different designs to choose from, and you need to find one that will meet your needs. You also need to find a design that will complement the style of your home.
    Another thing you need to consider when choosing a pergola design is the amount of space you have available. Some designs take up more space than others, so you need to make sure you have enough room for it.
    The material your pergola is made from is also important. You need to decide what type of material you want it to be made from and whether it is permanent or portable.

    A wooden pergola

    Choosing the right materials for your project

    Pergolas are made from different materials, including wood, metal and plastic. You need to choose the material that will best suit your needs.
    Wood is a popular material for pergolas because it is strong and durable. It is also a good insulator, which means it can help to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. However, wood is not as weatherproof as other materials, so you need to make sure you protect it from the elements.
    Metal is a good choice for pergolas because it is strong and weatherproof. It is also rust-resistant, so it will stay looking good for many years. However, metal can be quite expensive compared to other materials. Plastic is the cheapest option, but it is not as strong or durable as metal or wood. Materials such as concrete are cheaper than all of these options, but they aren’t as stylish or versatile.

    How to choose a builder for your new pergola

    When choosing the contractor who’s going to build your pergola, it’s important to do your research. Not all deck builders are created equal, and some may not have the experience necessary to build a sturdy, long-lasting pergola.

    Ask friends and family for referrals, or look for contractors online. Make sure to read reviews from past clients to get an idea of the quality of work they provide. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of candidates, be sure to ask for a quote so you can compare prices. When choosing a contractor, be sure to consider the following:

    • The contractor’s experience with pergolas and other types of decks
    • The quality of their workmanship
    • The materials they use (wood, metal, etc.)
    • Whether they’re insured and licensed.

    Why Choose Us?

    Patios Toowoomba is a deck builder that offers expert services at an affordable price. Our team has many years of experience in the industry, and we use only the highest quality materials good for many years. Our contractors will advise you on the best materials to use for your deck. We always arrive on time and finish the job within the deadline. We can also build any custom project, so you’re free to tell us what materials you want to use.
    At Patios Toowoomba, we specialise in pergola construction; whether you require a DIY pergola kit or one that is already built for you, we will ensure it is installed correctly. Contact Patios Toowoomba today if you’re looking for a contractor who can build a stylish and durable pergola for your home. We’ll be happy to help!


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