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Composite Decks Toowoomba

Stairs made of composite decks

Patios Toowoomba is a company that strives to ensure that your outdoor areas are as inviting as your interior living space. In today’s time, people want a well-presented home that has both an attractive exterior and interior. Patios Toowoomba is here to ensure that you have the best of both worlds.
We have experts deckers in our team who will ensure that your composite deck is built in the highest quality. Composite decking is one of our specialties. As experts, we make sure that all client’s requirements are met regardless of the size and complexity of the project.
Whether you want an elaborate design or something simple, Patios Toowoomba has got you covered. We will work closely with you to ensure that your project is stylish and eco-friendly, and cost-effective at the same time.


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    Why should you choose composite decking for your next project?

    Some of the reasons why composite decks usage has been on the increase over the years are:
    – It can be installed anywhere, even where there is no access to embedded footings or power tools. It can be used on surfaces that have been submerged in water.
    – Composite decking does not warp, crack, splinter or expand and contract from seasons of heat and cold.
    – There are also several types of weather conditions that these decks can withstand.
    – Composite decking is available in several colours, making it ideal for matching the design of exterior décor or interior design at home.

    A composite deck in a verandah

    What is composite decking, and how does it compare to other materials?

    Composite decking is a construction material similar in appearance to wood but made from a combination of various other materials such as plastic and sawdust. Composite decking looks just like conventional wooden decks when it’s new, but it has several advantages over organic woods that have been around for thousands of years.
    One thing about composite decks is that it doesn’t change colour to sunlight or heat, so it looks just like new for years. Many people feel that the natural wood look is attractive because of its natural beauty, but after several months in the sun, many kinds of wood will fade and turn light grey while sparkling white lines develop between the grains. This process has led to an increasing interest in composite decking.

    Ongoing composite decks installation

    How expensive are composite decks?

    The cost of composite decks will depend on the type you want. The cheapest is the flimsy ones that will only last a season or so before they need to be replaced. You can find these for about 150 dollars per square metre.
    – For mid-range composite decks, expect to pay around $250 per square metre, while high-end composite decks will cost between $400 and $500 per square metre depending on the manufacturer and supplier.
    The price of the deck might be lower if it’s sold in bulk quantities; however, you’ll have to worry about disposing of it yourself when the time comes.

    Composite decks being installed

    How to care for your new deck

    Maintaining composite decks can be very easy. As mentioned earlier, they are resistant to harsh weather conditions, so it is not necessary to treat the planks with chemicals all through the year. This will help you save money on maintenance costs. Composite decks don’t require sanding or painting like wooden decks do. You can just hose them down and clean them thoroughly every now and then. The best time to do this is during spring cleaning when you’re already washing other items around your home anyway. It’s also recommended that homeowners use pressure washers for their decks at least once a month or as often as possible to help remove dirt, mould, mildew and moss growing on the surface of the boards. Using too much water pressure might damage some types of composite decks.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Patios Toowoomba, we prioritize the needs of our customers and ensure we deliver only the highest quality products and services at competitive rates. Our courteous team is committed to providing exceptional service in Toowoomba and surrounding areas in southeast Queensland for all your composite decking needs.
    Our team consists of deckers who have the necessary experience and expertise to help you choose the most appropriate products for your outdoor living space.
    Patios Toowoomba are experts in designing, building, installing & repairing all types of Timber Decking, including Composite Decking.


      Patios Toowoomba Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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