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Creating Gorgeous Outdoor Patios in Toowoomba

patio covered with pergola and with timber decking

Patios have become a staple in many Australian homes, and if you don’t have one yet, it’s about time you get one for your yard. Patios Toowoomba designs and builds patios and decks all over Toowoomba and the surrounding communities in Darling Downs. We will help you create a stunning and long-lasting patio where you can enjoy endless relaxation with your family and friends.

Patios Toowoomba has been in the business of designing and building patios in Toowoomba for many years now. We have made countless patios in all shapes and sizes, covered and uncovered, using a wide range of materials that are durable enough to last through all kinds of weather for decades. We are the patio builders of Toowoomba to make our customers happy by bringing their dream patio ideas to life at an affordable price. Allow us to transform your yard from dull and empty to something more stunning and charming. Contact us to schedule your consultation and to request a free estimate today!


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    Affordable Patio Design and Building By Patios Toowoomba

    A patio cost may vary depending on the factors earlier mentioned. At Patios Toowoomba, we strive to provide the highest quality services and install stunning outdoor patio designs at honest and reasonable prices. When speaking with our design consultants, let us know if you’re working within a budget so we can give you options. We believe that all Toowoomba homeowners deserve to experience the joys of patio living. We want to make sure to deliver our patio building services at an excellent price.

    Why Should You Hire Patios Toowoomba?

    There are plenty of patio builders Toowoomba out there, but nothing compares to the outstanding service that Patios Toowoomba offers. Our team of the experienced and fully equipped crew are extensively trained to carry out all kinds of patio designing and building jobs no matter how large or small. Let us know your desired design, and we will work on it for you right away.

    We will work with you every step of the way – from the planning and designing, building and installing the patio to all quality checks after we complete the job. We will make sure that you are happy with the patios we built before considering our work done.

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    One of the Most Trusted Patio Builders Toowoomba

    We are proud to say that our patio Toowoomba clients have always been delighted with our work. We go all out to exceed our customers’ expectations, and nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction on our end when we hear the wows and gasps of joy the moment we reveal our finished work. Because of our consistent efforts to deliver exceptional service and customer satisfaction, word of mouth allowed us to have an increased number of clients through the years, making us one of the most trusted patio builders in the area.

    No matter the design you have in mind for patios, patio roofing, covered patio, enclosed patio, patio pavers, and more – we’ll work on it for you. We customise patio designs for clients looking for unique patios. At Patios Toowoomba, not only will you receive the best quality service, but you can also enjoy great prices for your patio installation needs.

    large sofa in tiled floor house extension patio

    Our Top-Quality Patio and Decking Services

    Patios and decks are our specialties. Whether you’re looking into getting a simple patio design, covered patio, concrete patio, and other backyard patio designs, we can handle it. We also work on building patio extension, patio fencing, patio pavers, and so much more. Patio living and other outdoor living spaces are trendy in Toowoomba and many other communities in Queensland and all of Australia. So if you’re looking for patio installation services, you deserve to get them from a company that offers excellent service, uses the best quality materials, and keeps the highest standard of quality in mind.

    uncovered patio with decking flooring for relaxation

    Choose From a Variety of Patio Designs in Toowoomba

    Patios are trendy in Toowoomba houses. Homeowners can extend their living space from indoors to outdoors seamlessly. Therefore, most would consider the theme of their home when designing their patio. The patio’s design should match or at least go along well with the rest of the home’s design. Few of the most widespread materials used are timber, concrete, stone, brick, tiles, and more. At Patios Toowoomba, we have a team of designers who can help you develop the perfect design that matches your home. Our tradies and patio installation experts also take standards and building codes seriously, such as those identified by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission for patios.

    What is the Purpose of a Patio?

    Having a patio in your yard allows you to spend more time outdoors, even when it’s too hot or too cold. Especially when you have a covered deck or enclosed patio that provides enough shade, then you can enjoy the fresh air outside even when it rains or when it’s scorching hot.

    Patio Toowoomba creating relaxing and comforting space

    The Difference Between a Patio, Porch, and Deck

    Some of the most common outdoor spaces in Aussie homes include patios, decks, porches, balconies, and verandahs. It is quite understandable that many would confuse all these, especially the patio, porch, and deck because they all look the same. Many would even often interchange their use.

    A porch is typically located in front of a house or by the entrance of the house. A deck is usually flat, made from timber, elevated, and roofless. A patio is also an outdoor area, traditionally built on the ground – not elevated. It is usually used as an entertainment space or a dining area.

    Patios Toowoomba creating an elegant patio

    The Benefits of Adding a Patio to Your Property

    With all the choices available for outdoor spaces, why should you add a patio to your property? Among the many benefits of building a patio in your backyard is how it can add so much charm and beauty, plus give you a comfortable outdoor living space while being very low-maintenance compared to your home’s interior. Also, you can customise your patio with lovely outdoor furniture and plants to make it even more beautiful and cosy. Patios can protect you against natural elements such as too much sunlight or rain, especially when you build a roof on them. Best of all, patios are great investments and can help add value to your real estate.

    The only way you can enjoy all the benefits of patios on your property is to have them designed and built beautifully and sturdily. That’s where we at Patios Toowoomba can help. By calling our team, you can be sure that we will deliver everything you’re looking for in patio installation and more!

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    Patios Toowoomba patio design for outdoor relaxation
    simple decking and patio outdoor patio
    stunning and charming patio area in Toowoomba

    Does a Patio Add Value to Your Property?

    We mentioned earlier that patios could add value to your real estate. So how does a patio in Toowoomba add value to your property? It is good to note that every additional living space on the property adds to its value. Homebuyers are always willing to pay more when you have improved areas on a property, whether indoors or outdoors. Outdoor features such as patios cost money to build. Therefore, if it’s already built on a property, its value will add to the property’s selling price.

    How Much Does a Patio Cost in Toowoomba?

    If you’re looking into building a patio in Toowoomba, you might be wondering how much you’d have to set aside for it. Of course, not all patio designs are the same, so the cost significantly differs as well. places the starting price for building a patio at $200 per square metre. A Queensland property owner paid $6,000 to build a 6.8 x 3.5-metre patio. Another property owner paid $3,300 to remove an existing patio and install patio cover kits. The patio cover kits are not included in the price.

    Several factors are contributing to the overall cost of patio installation. Among these factors are the following:

    Patio Size

    Naturally, a larger and broader patio will be more expensive than a smaller one as it requires more materials and time to install.


    Some of the most common patio materials used for paving are concrete, wood, outdoor tiles, brick, and natural stone

    Roof or Enclosure

    A backyard patio can be a covered patio or enclosed patio, or you can leave it open as well. Prices may vary depending on the type of roof or the enclosure for the patio.

    Call Patios Toowoomba Experts for a Free Estimate Today!

    Our process begins with installation. When you contact us, you can schedule your free consultation with our team to discuss the patio design you have in mind. Let us know your ideas, and we’ll share with you our recommendations. We will then provide you with a free quotation to know how much you have to pay for building a patio on your property.

    Patios Toowoomba is one of the most trusted patio builders in Toowoomba and the surrounding communities in Darling Downs. Allow us to be part of your yard’s transformation. We will build a patio for you that you will surely love and appreciate. Our job is only considered done when we know that you are delighted with our service. We are excited to hear from you. Call Patios Toowoomba and schedule your patio design and patio building consultation today. You can also ask for a free estimate!


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      Your Local Patio Builder in Toowoomba

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